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Travelling to Tartu

Travelling to Tartu from Tallinn: the most convenient would be to take the Lux Express coach from Tallinn. The coaches have free WiFi, hot beverages and an entertainment system on board. The buses leave every hour, the journey lasts for 2.5 hours, but time flies when you are seated in the lounge area. The bus also stops at the Tallinn airport when going to Tartu and on the return journey as well.

The Elron train service has regular trips between Tallinn and Tartu a few times a day. 

Information about the public transportation system in Tartu, please click here. For a taxi service, the app Taxify is very popular; we also recommend electrical taxies (call +372 5749 5749 or +372 5685 8954  to order) or the Tartu Taxi company (call +372 730 0200 to order).