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Conference venue

The V SPA Conference Centre & Hotel (Riia 2, Tartu) is located in the very heart of Tartu, attached to the Kvartal Shopping Centre. V stands for water (“vesi” in Estonian) pleasures and leisure time activities, and indicates everything magnificent and necessary. As you have already guessed, there is also a spa center attached to the hotel, in fact it is the largest and most modern one in Southern Estonia.

The Conference Centre is located on the second floor, the Hotel and Conference Centre share an entrance. The Tartu Bus Station is situated across the street from the Kvartal Shopping Centre.


We recommend parking on the two underground floors P1 and P2 of the Kvartal Shopping Centre. Entrances to the parking area are from Turu and Soola Streets. The parking area is automatically operated and open 24 h.

Parking prices:
10 euros for 24 hours.
Mon-Fri free parking for 1 hour.
Sat-Sun free parking for 3 hours, each subsequent hour for 1 euro.
Payment terminals accept both cash and card payments.

To get to know the public transportation system in Tartu, please click here.

For a taxi service, the app Taxify is very popular; we also recommend electrical taxies (call +372 5749 5749 or +372 5685 8954 to order) or the Tartu Taxi company (call +372 730 0200 to order)